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Hey Curlfriends! ❀

I just wanted to say thanks for following and showing support. I am still fairly new to this blogging thing but enjoying every bit of it. I am also hoping to eventually start making YouTube videos by the beginning of this summer! In the mean time.. Lets connect on social media!

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Nighttime Delight: Cozy Cinnamon Milk


My fave mug.. because its bright orange and makes me happy! πŸ™‚

Hey Curlfrannsss!

If you’re like me at all, you get late night sweet tooth cravings. I have been really good about cutting out a lot of junk in my diet so when I get certain cravings, I try to substitute for something healthier. I don’t always end up with the most healthy snacks but I do try! Give me a break here!

So the other night I decided to look up some healthy snacks to eat at night and came across Lauren Conrad’s Blog. Love her by the way!Β I started digging through her site and found the most amazing concoction using almond milk. Now if you haven’t tried almond milk you have no idea what you’re missing out on! Especially dark chocolate! Even my 7 year old son loves it so you know it’s just that good.

There is a recipe for a morning blend which is a cold blend with almond milk. I make morning smoothies anyways so that one isn’t much different from what I would make anyways BUT warm almond milk at night..? HEAVEN! I would have never thought warm milk could taste so good! Below is the recipe.

Cozy Cinnamon Milk

  • 1 cup of Almond Milk (I used dark chocolate almond milk because it’s my fave)
  • 1 teaspoon of honey (which I left out because the milk itself is sweet enough but you can add it if you want)
  • 2 drops of vanilla extract
  • A pinch of cinnamon

Heat the milk up in a microwave safe mug until it becomes frothy. Add in the spices, stir and enjoy the yummy goodness!

Not only is this delicious but Almond Milk is healthy for you as well. It has less calories and fat than regular milk and is a great source of vitamins and minerals.Β πŸ˜‰

I would never steer you wrong! Give it a try and tell me what you think! Craving satisfied!:)

Yours Until Further Notice,


I woke up like this.. Kinda.

What's in your spray bottle?

What’s in your spray bottle?

Hey Curlfrannnns!

A lot of times I get questions about how I maintain my wash and go overnight and what I do in the morning to refresh my curls. I’ve definitely had my fair share of failures as far as figuring out the best night time routine but as my hair has grown, I am now able to “pineapple” my hair. (Woot Woot GOALS lol) Life has gotten a little easier (Kinda sorta). As long as my scarf stays put, my curls are pretty easy to refresh in the morning.

I have tried a few different methods such as using water only, using water and oil, and have recently started using a mixture of my leave in (Giovani’s Direct Leave In Conditioner) with water.

So far I find that spritzing my hair with a mixture of my leave in and water after day 1 is most effective. After day 2, not so much. Depending on how well my hair came out after my wash and go, typically on day 3 and on I will take down my pineapple, spritz with the mixture and then apply a little extra leave in and gel with my hands in sections. This seems to reactivate my curls after being in the same style for a few days. The longest I have been able to go without looking a little wild is 4 days and then I have to pull it in a bun or wash it again. I’m shooting for 5 days!

I do tend to switch it up here and there just to test out different mixes but it definitely helps keep your curls hydrated daily.

Yours Until Further Notice,


So what’s in your spritz bottle? Is there a certain mixture you suggest I try?