We’re doing it all wrong..


Hey Curlies! ❤

I recently came across a picture on Instagram that pretty much shows that we have ALL been using bobby pins the incorrect way. Am I the only one who had no clue? Who says there is a right or wrong way anyways? (Side eye) Apparently the grooved end is the part the belongs on the scalp and not the other way around. *shrug* I am pretty sure since forever we have all been using them incorrectly.


Now if only we could find out where all of the bobby pins go when they suddenly grow legs and walk away. That is the REAL question here! Haha

Also, there seems to be a “science” to which pin you use. Who would have thought bobby pins were so complex!

bobby pin

I always wondered what the “hair pin” was used for. It seemed to useless until now.

Just wanted to share that little tidbit with you all. It caught my attention although I will most likely continue to forever use them incorrectly. What can I say, I am a creature of habit.

Yours Until Further Notice,